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Escape Room – Mystical Manor

This eccentric professor has traveled the world collecting oddities from far away lands. Some of these oddities contain magical properties that could help cure any sadness in the world.. You are a team of archeologists that will do anything to get your hands on this magic and have broken into Professor Whippleton’s mystical manor!! Be careful while exploring as you could set off an enchantment inside the manor. You will have one hour to secure the items you need or the powers you seek will be lost forever! Good luck young Chaps! You will need it once inside..

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Escape Room – Submergency

You and your crew have been captured on a docked submarine in enemy territory. A self-destruction sequence has been activated along with traps left by the mad assailants. You have one hour to disarm the nuclear vessel and escape in time with your entire crew or pay the consequences. This experience will put you in a total state of Submergency!!!

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Escape Room – The Stolen Relic

A temple located deep in the jungles of Malaysia housed a legendary relic.

A relic that has been worshiped by its people for thousands of years. Recently, the relic has gone missing and chaos among the people has ensued. Information about the accused thief from the locals have lead to the home of a crazed Anthropologist. You are the team of detectives called in to investigate his study and seek for the stolen relic. There is only one catch… The manic thief has left traps inside the home and you only have one hour to complete your mission before the relic is lost ….forever!

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Themescape, Denver’s premier escape adventure offers escape rooms filled with live-action mystery and state of the art themed environments. Our devotion is to consistently provide highly themed escapes through our unique room designs and technological puzzles unlike anything you’ve seen before. Imagine a night at the movies only YOU are the cast!

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