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Escape Room – The Terminal [archived]

You are a maintenance crew called to save the New York City subway underground. A power blackout in the city has ensued chaos on the subway lines all over Manhattan. A runaway subway train is careening at full speed towards the Brooklyn Terminal. Your objective is to restore power to the terminal and stop the train from derailing. You have one hour before the train reaches the curve and only the remote shut off button can stop it. Can you pull it together and save everyone on the train? Good luck! …Welcome to… “The Terminal”.

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Escape Room – The Secret Catacombs [Retired]

A famed archaeologist has gone missing after an incredible discovery of a lifetime.

Foul play is suspected inside of Dr Jones’ resident manor. Your team is suspect due to the mysterious discovery of a secret catacombs you all were so close to ascertain. You and your fellow archaeologist assistants have been detained by police officials inside Dr. Jones’ manor leaving you with one hour before your fate is decided for you. Before his disappearance, Dr Jones frantically left you clues of the location to the secret catacombs located deep within his manor. Can you take your freedom into your own hands and claim your discovery all before it’s too late?

*May not be suitable for young children

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Escape Room – The Gate [archived]

During an excavation project, a mysterious door to an Egyptian tomb has been unearthed. We have learned the door that has been discovered is a gateway to a curse that will unleash darkness upon the world. A top secret military department has now constructed a device around the gate to protect the world from the powers that lie beyond its threshold. With every minute that passes by, the device grows weaker as the curse becomes stronger. Now we must crack the code, enter the tomb, and finally put the curse to rest.

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Escape Room – Spacescape Mission Critical [Retired]

Welcome to the future… You and your fellow space explorers are doomed on a ship that has suffered a mid space disaster. An asteroid has struck the vessel and to prevent a meltdown, the ship’s computers have initiated the self destruction protocol. Stuck in darkness, you and your team must navigate the steps to get the ships systems back under control. Your salvation is not to escape the ship, but to locate and disengage the self destruction sequence. The entire ship is relying on you… Good Luck and Godspeed.

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Escape Room – Sector X [Retired]

You are scientists assigned to the research lab aboard the Orion Space Station. You have been collecting specimens all over the universe in hopes of understanding the far reaches of the galaxy. In a turn of events, a malfunction has occurred and the containment chamber holding a new of life has escaped. Your mission is to locate the rogue specimen before it reproduces and takes over the entire ship! You have one hour to restore the containment chamber and capture the specimen.
Good luck space cadets…. Godspeed.

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Escape Room – A Christmas Story

Get ready to get transported inside the world of this timeless tale! Spend this holiday season uncovering clues to discover the best gift a kid can receive.. an official Red Rider carbine action, 200 shot range model air rifle!

Guaranteed to be an A++++ experience.

This experience will be in high demand and will sell out. Book your online reservations in advance now!

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