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What is Themescape?

Themescape is a live action game where your mission is to explore your surroundings and use the elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within 60 minutes.

Am I really locked in a room?

No, our rooms are designed to simulate a situation where you will need to complete a mission. That means your primary focus as a team will be to work together to complete a series of tasks in order to win!

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, our website requires reservations be made at least two hours ahead of time. Please call 303-466-9696 if you would like to check availability for a game that begins in less than two hours.

How do I make a reservation?

Just click the BOOK NOW button at the top of our page! You can see our full updated calendar right here on our website. All you have to do is pick your desired date and time, create a customer profile and insert credit card information. You will immediately receive a confirmation email that includes the details of your reservation as well as a receipt of payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us call!

What is the cost?

$32 per person. All taxes and fees included. Children 5 and under are free.

Can another group join my group?

Not if you make your game private!

How do I make the game private?

Just click the “Private Event” box at the top of the calendar page. Make sure the box is checked if you would like to guarantee you have the room to yourself! If you don’t, other groups will be able to join your game.

How many people can play a game?

Stolen Relic: 3-8 people

A Christmas Story: 4-8 people (Although 8 is the recommended maximum number, A Christmas Story can accommodate up to 10 if you choose to do so. Call 303-466-9696 to make reservation)

Submergency: 2-6 people (Although 6 is the recommended maximum number, Submergency can accommodate up to 8 if you choose to do so.)

*Call 303-466-9696 to see how we can accommodate your large party! We have the ability to open outside of our normal business hours and run rooms simultaneously. We love to work around YOU!

What are the age restrictions?

Our puzzles are designed for young adults and up. Children are welcome to join their families. Groups of 13 year olds and younger must be accompanied by at least one adult.

How long am I in the room?

Each game is 60 minutes long. It is up to you to solve the game before time runs out! Please expect to spend about 90 minutes at our facility. We ask you arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation to sign in and to be briefed on your adventure. Afterwards, we like to take group photos and answer any questions about the game!

What happens if I run out of time?

You will never be a heard from again! Just kidding, the game ends and a game master will escort you out.

Are the rooms ADA accessible?

Of course!

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled adventure to guarantee a 60 minute game.

What happens if I am late or cannot make my reservation?

The game begins exactly at the time your group has reserved. We ask you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled adventure in order to give everyone enough time to sign in and be briefed on their mission.

-If you arrive late, time may be deducted at the start of your game therefore you will not have the full 60 minutes to complete the game.

There will not be any refunds if you are late or miss your reservation.

What is the Cancellation policy?

- We enforce a strict no refund policy.
- However, there is no penalty to reschedule 48 hours before a reservation.
- If you would like to reschedule within 48 hours of your reservation, there will be a $25 rescheduling fee.

What if I can't solve a riddle or clue?

Hints will be provided but teamwork is the key to discover clues on your own. After all, that is what makes escape rooms so endearing!

What should I wear?

There is no dress code here at Themescape!

Will I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, ALL participants will be required to fill out and sign a liability waiver before we can begin your game. If ANY player is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will have to be present to sign for them.

How often do you switch out your rooms?

Our mission is to provide you a new adventure every 6-12 months!

Can I use my cell phone?

No. Lockers are provided to secure all items prohibited in our rooms.

What do I need to bring with me?

Come with a confident state of mind and get ready to Escape Reality!!

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