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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Cancellation policy
There is no penalty to cancel, however, if they would like to reschedule within 48 hours of their reservation, there will be a $25 fee.
Terms and conditions
Release and Waiver of Liability


I, the undersigned, thus recognize that I that I am willfully taking an interest in the “escape room” (likewise alluded to as “game” or “experience” or “adventure” in this archive) situated at Themescape Escape Rooms (business element Themescape Escape Rooms LLC) at 6811 W 120th Ave Ste B-1 in Broomfield, Colorado and I acknowledge and accept accountability of all dangers related with the amusement. I likewise completely bear witness to and comprehend that:

1) I am of sound personality and wellbeing

2) I am rationally, inwardly, and physically ready to fulfill all undertakings related with this experience which incorporates however is not constrained to:
a. Confinement in small rooms or spaces
b. Tool use
c. Problem Solving
d. Varieties in lighting and condition
e. Physical action including yet not restricted to crawling, standing, bending, walking, lifting 20 lbs or less
f. Mental Stress

3) I give consent for photos or recordings taken at Themescape Escape Rooms to be used in promotion.

4) On the off chance that whenever I can’t play out the elements of the experience or decide an individual risk I will inform Themescape Escape Rooms faculty quickly.

5) I purposely and energetically consent to expect all known and obscure dangers that accompany the game.

6) I hereby discharge and hold innocuous Themescape Escape Rooms free from all and any risk including however not constrained to any obligation that may come about specifically or in a roundabout way from my own behavior, activities of Themescape Escape Rooms and its delegates, or activities from different members. These activities incorporate however are not restricted to activities that are think, an aftereffect of wrongdoing, and carelessness. These liabilities incorporate however are not restricted to physical disabilities or wounds, mental or passionate injury or stress or anything related with such injury or push, or fiscal misfortune. I additionally consent to hold innocuous Themescape Escape Rooms LLC, workers, proprietors, specialists, officers, lessors of building, sponsors, or financial specialists.

7) I concur that ought to any piece of this waiver not be enforceable, the rest of the arrangements will be upheld independently and still be substantial.

8) I thusly concur that for the benefit of myself, beneficiaries, accomplices, relatives, or agents that they likewise should hold Themescape Escape Rooms safe for any activities delineated in condition #6. I thus concur I have completely perused and comprehended this record surrendering numerous lawful rights. I will accept all dangers related with this experience. I am consenting to this voluntarily with no impact from another gathering.

9) I hereby accept responsibility for anything I willfully and deliberately break and/or damage by neglecting the instructions of Themescape Escape Rooms LLC staff within the game and hereby give Themescape Escape Rooms LLC permission to charge the value of the broken item to the credit card of the booking party.

Cancellation policy
There is no penalty to cancel, however, if they would like to reschedule within 48 hours of their reservation, there will be a $25 fee.