Ditch the Typical Hiring Process. Incorporate an Escape Room

Ditch the Typical Hiring Process.  Incorporate an Escape Room

Have you ever hired a new employee only to find that he/she isn’t working out as expected?  You reviewed the resume, completed rounds of interviews, and checked references, but now you’re back to square one.  Ready to try something different? Why not incorporate an escape room into your interview process?

Organizations have been incorporating mock situations into their leadership, communication and team work assessment for decades.  You can also do something similar with an escape room.

Themescape Escape Rooms in Broomfield can provide a valuable, unique perspective.

Here are a couple of points to consider:

  • It puts people in an honest situation

Candidates have prepared answers for many interview questions.  Candidates provide pre-vetted references to ensure positive recommendations.  A neutral environment like an escape room provides a more insightful exchange.

  • It requires candidates to work with others

Putting your selected candidates together as an escape room team allows you to assess interpersonal skills and group interaction.

  • It forces candidates to communicate

The inherent nature of escape rooms requires people to work together and communicate.  Clear and purposeful communication is a key factor in completing an escape room.  An escape room environment could provide valuable insight into a candidate’s communication skills.

  • It’s a differentiator for your company

Incorporating an escape room into your process will set you apart from other organizations.  In today’s strong employment market, it’s often beneficial to stand out from the crowd.

Hiring the right personnel is critical to your organizational success.  Escape rooms provide an alternative way to assess a candidate’s skillset.  Combining escape rooms with more traditional hiring tools could be a better mix for your hiring process.  Find out more about our exciting, live-action escape rooms here.