What is an escape room?

What is an escape room?

We’re asked this question fairly often.  Sometimes it’s at our escape room in Broomfield and other times it’s at Safeway talking with other shoppers in the check-out line.  Often it’s our escape room customers asking how to explain escape rooms to friends and family who have never played an escape room.  So, in support of our effort to grow ‘escape room nation’, here’s our take on the seemingly simple, but very nuanced question…What is an escape room?

If you’ve never played an escape room before, you’ve probably made assumptions about escape rooms and the experience.  Some are probably correct, and some may be a little off.

So here we go….

  • Assumption #1:  You’re locked in a bunker-like room for the hour.  FALSE.

While, escape rooms definitely have an enclosed set made up of one or many rooms, you’re never locked in.  You can exit anytime.  In this respect, Escape Rooms are very similar to other venues.  There’s a defined play space with opportunity to leave at any time.

  • Assumptions #2:  Escape Rooms are like a real-world incarnation of an alternate-reality board game.  TRUE.

If a TV show was based on your favorite game board with you and your team as the main actors, then it would be close to an escape room.   Escape rooms provide challenges within a real-world, alternate-reality set that your team must overcome in the allotted time.  Escape Rooms are an amazing experience that everyone must try at least once.  But, I’m not sure if anyone can play just one!

  • Assumption #3:  Escape Rooms are like the old show ‘American Gladiators.” FALSE.

While escape rooms often require you to move around and between rooms, there’s no danger of being tackled or physically harmed.  Escape Rooms are a mental and teamwork challenge that can be done safety by competitors from 10 to 80 years old.

  • Assumption #4:  Anyone can be successful on their first escape room try.  TRUE.

Escape Rooms do require out-of-the-box thinking, but anyone can become a great escape room player.  Plus, Escape Rooms are designed as a team event where the collective ability of the group determines success.  Come with an open mind, good teamwork skills, and a sense of adventure…and you’ll be fine.

  • Assumptions #5:  An Escape Room is where I go when Armageddon hits.   FALSE.

That’s a bomb shelter and not an escape room.  Don’t come to us when Armageddon hits ‘cause we’ll probably be following you!

Not matter your background or experience, an escape room is a perfect escape for anyone.  Getting invited to an escape room by a friend or family member is actually a complement.   Keep an open mind and have some fun!